Movie Labyrinth: At a Glance

Labyrinth is a musical fantasy film by Jim Henson produced in 1986 by executive producer George Lucas. Jenifer Connelly and David Bowie along with his package starred in this movie. An unhappy teenager, Sarah, acts on some bits of a script in a park dressed up in a long flowing dress to hide her life inn to fairy tales. About a year old marriage of her father and Toby, her resultant half brother and played by the son of artist Brian Froud, were the main cause of her unhappiness. When she was in a very miserable mood at one night she wished that Toby should be taken away by Goblin King also known as Jareth but she was terrified to see that it was done instantly. He then made an offer to fulfil her crystal dream by forgetting Tony but she refused. Then Jareth took her to his realm to give her chance to save Toby. There she had to find her way to the citadel of Jerath through th Labyrinth before the end of thirteen hours. In this course of action she was helped by various monsters and goblins who had no or conditional loyalty for Jareth.

In this way Labyrinth had much more to see like various other fantasy movies with delightful twists. The movie becomes a story of mind control by understanding the occult references and symbolism used in each scene. The quest of the girl to find her brother becomes the victim of internal world of mind control programmed by a controller. In this movie all the mid games, drugs, sexual abuse and tortures are shown in indirect symbolism to change the real story in to something much different. Thus the movie Labyrinth was made like most of the mysterious stories found in the history.

However, in order to understand the underlying idea of Labyrinth one needs a very little knowledge. In fact the idea of the movie Labyrinth was revealed by some of the authors on the concept, mind control, as they have developed this movie like various other movies obviously made of the programming of the monarchs. Even according to Fritz Springmeier Labyrinth is like the programming script of handlers of mind control that can be used for slave training. The resemblance of this movie with the two movies Wizard of Oz and Alice in Wonderland known for using the programming of mind control makes it more reasonable. The things that make it different from other is the purpose of exposing this kind of symbolism to the masses as it is specifically made for this purpose.

The star, David Bowie, of the movie appeared as a replication of pop stars as the movie replicates the programming of mind control. Bowie had played a number of ritualistic and occult characters in his long diverse career which are repeated by most of the pop stars made by the industry. Moreover most of the people included mind control in their works who wanted to use this theme as it is based on Kabalistic teachings and black magic. So it is better understand the symbolism used by David Bowie in Labyrinth to understand this movie.