Movie Career

David Bowie is a songwriter, actor, English singer, music producer and a multi-instrumentalist. Born as Robert David Jones on 8th January 1947, he has a multitalented personality. He is also a collector of fine art and a painter. His major success has been seen especially in the popular music for many decades. David Bowie movie’s career was a major success in the 1980s.

Bowie’s first major appearance in the film industry was in the movie ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ where he played the role of an alien. His different-colored eyes and skeletal frame made him a perfect fit for this role. This first performance was in 1976, with this first performance he was able to win the Saturn Award. He won the Best Actor award. After releasing this film that year, he released a soundtrack which had some of the material for the film.

Apart from his awards, Bowei’s first success made a positive impact in both his film and music portfolio. In 1983, he was actually featured in the cover of Time Magazine. Later that year, he played a role in Merry Christmas, featuring Mr. Lawrence. He played a lead role in this movie, this made his movie career flourish. During this times, he made a drop off his musical career. In this movie, Bowie played the role of Major Celliers Jack, as a prisoner of war within the Japanese internment camp.

In the same years, he played cameo in Yellowbeard movie, a pirate comedy produced by Python Monty members. He also played a small part within the 1985 film titled Into the Night. Here he played the role of Colin. In the same year, in 1985, he refused to play the role of Villain Max Zorin. This was in the James Bond film titled A view to Kill.

After a successful movie career in the 1980s, his acting career declined from then on. This was especially after the failure of the Labyrinth movie in 1986. From then on, the movie industry seemed to have decided that Bowie was not a sufficient name. Since then he has not played lead role in any major movie. Most of his roles have been cameos, appearances and supporting characters. David Bowie also seemed to have lost interest in movie acting. He has released several soundtrack albums since then.

In 2004 June, Bowie suffered a heart attack that had a major negative impact on his music career. However, after that he played the role Tesla in The Prestige movie in 2006. He had a small cameo in the series Extras in 2005. In 2007, he did a cartoon voice in the SpongeBob SquarePants playing the role of Lord Royal Highness. Since then, he has not appeared on anything. His recent appearance has been on his music album The Next Day.’


In recent years, apart from priceless cameo, David Bowie’s memorable on-screen contributions have remained in the music industry. His featuring in the 70s and 80s in movies and live concerts are regarded as ground-breaking in his acting career. His live concert acts has also been regarded among the most popular too. Bowie’s early successful career have influenced the course of popular music from frequently and have influenced many generations of musicians.