Are you a huge fan of David Bowie? This veteran musician is also famous as an actor, and for his contributions to various art-related fields. He is a well-known English song writer, singer, record producer, as well as an amazing actor. He also plays multiple musical instruments, which stole millions of hearts, across the globe. Bowie is a great collector of fine art and also an interesting painter, with distinct dimensions and views. For over four decades, especially for his work in the 1970s, he became a world-renowned figure and innovator, in the field of arts, film and music. He has plenty of fans and followers for his baritone voice, with its intellectual depth and the dedication he has for his work. He is indeed a beautiful looking man, with great personality, and particularly in the 1970s-1980s, an iconic image in the minds of many. This characteristic different colored eyes actually came over a fight that left one of his eyes permanently dialeted. Even after receiving attention for medical providers that had ACLS recertification online he was left with a permanent reminder of the event. Unfortunately even ACLS recertification online providers can’t solve all healthcare problems.

Early life of David Bowie

On 8 January 1947, David Bowie was born as David Robert Jones, in Brixton, London. His mother was Peggy from Kent, who worked as a waitress and his father John from Yorkshire, who worked at Barnardo’s, as a promotions officer. Bowie started schooling at the Stockwell Infants school, attended it till he was six, and later in 1953, when the family moved to Bromley, he joined Burnt Ash junior school. He was always appreciated at his school, for thinking out of the box and for his strong determination as a child. He started to sing in his school choir and participated in the dancing classes, which was commented as vividly artistic by his teachers. He was influenced by many singers of his time and took up performing ukulele and tea-chest bass, first for his friends. He learned and later excelled in piano, giving mesmerizing performances and went on playing more musical instruments. For further schooling, he attended Bromley technical high school, and continued to work on his musical interests.

Further years in school and first album

Bowie learned more about arts, music and design, like layout and typesetting, and proceeded with lessons of modern jazz, influenced mainly by his brother. In 1961, on his plastic Saxophone, which his mother gifted, he started taking classes from local musicians. An unpleasant event occurred in his school, during 1962, when he fought over a girl with a friend of his, and received a serious injury to his left eye. It cost him a number of operations performed by ACLS online certified providers, even in his four month long hospitalization, the ACLS online providers couldn’t fully fix the problems. He was left with a damaged eye, having a permanently dilated pupil, accounting to a faulty depth perception, which didn’t stop him to succeed in his career. Bowie remained friends with that friend, who punched him on his eye, despite all this and created his first album with him.

Bowie’s popular albums and movies

As a musician, he started contributing to music, with his 1969 release Love You Till Tuesday, which was a total commercial success. Chances are a few that you haven’t heard this amazing album full of delightful songs. His other albums, which gained attention of music lovers, all over the world are Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars: The Motion Picture, Serious Moonlight, Glass Spider, Bowie – The Video Collection of 1993, Black Tie White Noise, Best of Bowie released in 2002, and A Reality Tour in 2004. He is popular as an actor and received many awards for the same, during his extensive career. He gave wonderful performances in movies like The Hunger, Absolute Beginners, Dream On, Everybody Loves Sunshine…, which people will never forget. Bowie influenced the idea of rock music in many people, including the popular biographer David Buckley.

Bowie’s major achievements in his career

Do you know about the various awards and honors, Bowie got for his music career? David Bowie was a great artist, who excelled in music as well as acting, and he was presented with various awards for his contributions to both. He received Ivor Novello special award for originality, which was indeed for his great commercial success song of the year 1969, titled Space Oddity. The Man Who Fell to Earth, the famous science fiction film, fetched him the Saturn award for best actor, in the year 1976 for his extraordinary performance.

Other awards and recognitions

Bowie has in his name three BRIT awards and also two Grammy awards, for his work in the field of music. He was honored for his music and video-visuals for them, in the following years, not just once but numerous times. The French government made him the commander of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres (Order of Arts and Letters), considering his excellence and dedication, in 1999. In the same year itself, the Berklee College of Music awarded Bowie with an honorary doctorate as well. Later in the year 2000, Bowie turned down the Commander of the British Empire, which is a well-dignified and royal honor. Following this, in the year 2003, he also declined a knighthood honor.

Top ranked in world-class magazines

Bowie was recognized for his work and contributions, by various reputed officials and even government, throughout his career. Around 140 million albums were sold by this amazing musician in his golden career. He has eight silver, eleven gold and nine platinum albums, in the United Kingdom, which won millions of hearts. In addition to that, Bowie is awarded in the United States, for seven gold and 5 platinum rated albums. In 2002, the BBC came up with a poll to find out the 100 greatest Britons, in which Bowie came in the 29th position. The famous Rolling Stone magazine, in the year 2004, made a list for the greatest rock artists of all time and gave him the 39th rank in that. On 17 January 1996, he was welcomed into the Rock and roll hall of fame, which is indeed a great and rare opportunity one can get. In June 2013, he was also bestowed upon by another prestigious post, as an esteemed member of the Science fiction and fantasy hall of fame.

Bowie’s music and film career tells us that he is indeed a great artist, dedicated towards success, which got him numerous fans world-wide, and also the huge list of reputable awards and recognitions.